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Which glove material is more wear-resistant

Work gloves are an essential piece of personal protective equipment for anyone working with their hands. They protect your hands from cuts, scrapes, and other injuries, and they also provide added grip for handling tools and materials. When it comes to choosing the right work gloves, one of the most important factors to consider is the material used in their construction. In this article, we'll explore the most wear-resistant materials for work gloves and how they can benefit you. Understanding Material Durability Before we delve into the specific materials used in work gloves, it's important to understand what makes a...

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QINGFENG LI posted on 2020-05-11 00:33:01 -0700

Leather Gloves: Tips and Tricks

Talk about Working-gloves and Driving Gloves, leather gloves are the best choice (if it’s not the ONLY choice). The natural hide has a high tensile strength; it is reliable against heat clod and punctures. It keeps your hand warm in winter and cools in summer. You definitely need some pair of Leather Gloves if you have some work to do with your hands. Now, it’s important to understand the material “leather”, they are not all the same even they are all called “Leather”. With the Tips from Vgo…  we’d like to share more about leather gloves. Leather gloves can provide...

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QINGFENG LI posted on 2020-05-10 23:42:00 -0700

Vgo Gloves: Your Shield In The Garden

As we all know, wearing gardening gloves can help prevent skin rashes, infections, and some types of poisoning. Gardening gloves are your first line of defense in the garden. I never go weeding without my shield. Well, I was not always like that. When I was young, I didn’t have gloves, just grabbed weeds with my raw hands. At first, nothing happened. I don’t even know that the “Gardening Gloves” actually exist. However, several days later I started to notice an itchy after I’ve done with the gardening job. I tried to ignore it for a moment, then the pain...

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QINGFENG LI posted on 2020-04-21 00:21:01 -0700

Guide for Gloves Cleaning to fight COVID-19

Dr. Colm Moore of the Initial Washroom Hygiene exclaims on day-to-day activities alone, “gloves can encounter many potential contamination points – from holding handles on public transport and opening doors to using a phone or holding a dog lead.” A Good Morning America did a swabbing study of their own and found that some gloves were harboring coronavirus (Note: coronavirus is known as a cause to the common cold and this study was conducted before the coronavirus outbreak from Wuhan – a new type called 2019 novel coronavirus (2019-nCOV) or otherwise known as COVID-19). It has been common knowledge to...

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Gear for Summer-gardening you need to know

Prepare your Gears for a fresh summer in the garden when everything can go wrong. Summer! Wonderful Summer! Summer, here it comes! What a sunshine and juicy season. Enjoy the summer with your friends and family for barbecues or taking that much-needed vacation. Ice cream! Holiday! Sunny! Summer is the best. But remember, summer is also the season for gardening, too. The warm climate and sunshine allow for plants and flowers to reach their full potential. Although Mother Nature is on your side, it doesn’t hurt to have summer gardening tips in your back pocket. Here are five summer gardening tools to...

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Glove Size Finding Guide

Shopping online is convenient, but sometimes it could go wrong with the sizes. How to Measure Your Hand Size? There are three important factors that help decide your glove size, hand circumference, hand length, and middle finger length. Circumference Circumference This is the widely used standard metric. The circumference is measured around the meat of the hand, from where the pinkie meets the palm to where the pointer finger meets the palm. Lay your dominant hand flat, fingers together, palm facing upwards. Wrap the measuring tape around your palm, just below the knuckles, not including the thumb. (as shown in...

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